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133' Fish or Cargo Transport Vessel with Freon RSW System

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Ad Number: 611
Year: Refit 2013 thru 2019 Initial Build: 1949 Many updates to this functional and working vessel
Model: Cargo Transport Vessel
Length: 133'
Beam: 22'7"
Light Draft / Max Draft /Light Ship Weight/: 9'
Propulsion/ Props/: Single Detroit Diesel 16v 149 1000 HP Twin Disc MG540 5.6:1 reduction gear. -Top speed 13.0 knots with consumption of 30 gallons per hour -Cruise speed of 10.5 knots with estimated consumption of 17 gallons per hour 6.5� diameter steel drive shafts in 1
Overstock Price: $285,000.
Fuel Capacity, Transfer Rate, Lube Oil: 5,000+
Genset(s): (1) 100kw Detroit Diesel 671 generator and one 35kw Detroit Diesel 371
Water / Liquid & Dry Mud Caps: 1500
GT/NT/ Bollard Pull & Towing Equipment: Gross Tons, 119 Net Tons
Boat Location: East Coast, USA

Upgrades/Renewals since 2012 survey:

  • Main engine clutch out of frame rebuilt in 2014…80k
  • Star board genset rebuild in 2013…15k
  • RSW compressor carrying 5H80 freon in 2013…15k  

-Top speed 13.0 knots with consumption of 30 gallons per hour
-Cruise speed of 10.5 knots with estimated consumption of 17 gallons per hour
-Vessels hull is made from Corten steel and the thickness has not diminished
-In 2005 they altered the stern behind the rudder to accommodate a ramp for auxiliary vessel. 3/8 inch plate was used.
-She carries 5,250 bushels of Atlantic Menhaden which equates to 315,000 pounds of fish plus 5,000 gallons of RSW water.
-The fish hold is divided into three equal sections. Port, Starboard, and Rear. It is insulated with sprayed urethane.
-RSW system has a Carrier 5H80 compressor with three direct expansion titanium chillers (one for each section of fish hold) and a new titanium condenser.
Boat has been completely loaded hundreds of times.
Other work completed while vessel was hauled included servicing sea chest valves as well as drop and clean keel coolers.



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This U.S built cargo vessel is a currently working vessel, but seriously for sale. She is equipped with a Freon cooling system for fish or perishable cargo.


Dimensions: 133ft. Length (LOA) x 22.7ft. Beam x 9' ft. Draft 198 Gross Tons, 119 Net Tons Built: 1949 – Shipbuilding Camden, NJ Propulsion: Single screw 1,000hp (no kort nozzle) .

Single Detroit Diesel 16v 149 which generates1000 hp @ 1550 rpm. Main engine clutch out of frame rebuilt in 2014…80k • Star board genset rebuild in 2013…15k • RSW compressor carrying 5H80 freon in 2013…15k.


All -welded steel hull framing bulkheads decks superstructure and rigging etc. Hullsides are 5/16” sheet plating and hull bottom is 5/16”plating. The transom/dove tail is 5/16” sheet plating and the interior deck and superstructure is 5/16” plating and bulkheads are 5/16”. The Deep web framing spans the vessels hull bottom both longitudinal and transversely. Hull Compartments: The vessel is divided into 7 watertight compartments below the main deck. From forward to aft they are: #1-void/ballast tank #2 -lower forepeak storage compartment/water tank, #3 -Fish hold, #4- Fish hold, #5- Engine room/Wing tanks, # -6 Wing tanks/storage and #7 - Rudder Compartment/Lazarette .


Layout / Rigging: From aft to forward the vessel has a dove tail style transom, with a steel framed “slider ramp” framed and lined with sheet plate steel note: (the vessel is not carrying or using a seine boat). The control station to launch and retrieve the seine boat which is housed on the upper half of the slider ramp with hydraulic spring loaded controls and a good line of sight over seine vessel activities. Winches & Wires: Three Pullmaster winches located on the vessels work boom used to position the boom port/starboard that also raise/lower both the fish pump hose and brailler net. In addition there is a fish net retrieval winch with a capstan. The “slider ramp” has two Pullmaster winches to lower and retrieve vessels. One anchor winch mounted in the lower forepeak. Accessory winches fitted out with wires in good working condition. Hydraulics: All winches are powered by a single GM Detroit Diesel 671engine, which has four hydraulic pumps through a PTO. Two electric hydraulic back up motors run off either one of the vessels two main generators. Controls : Winches for boom and work deck activities are controlled from the station on port side just aft of the wheelhouse. This mid -ship station is outside and has good visibility across the vessels main work deck over the fish hold. The aft control station to launch/retrieve seine vessels has a limited line of sight two -way radio communications are used between the wheel house and aft control station.

Fish Hold: The 3 tank fish hold layout is sub -divided at the vessels centerline in the forward tanks and a single spanning aft fish tank. The fish tanks are designed to carry the fish product in which the RSW system which floods the hold with cooled sea water. General housekeeping, maintenance, deck coaming and hatch covers are all satisfactory.

Compressor Room: Located on the vessels main deck just aft of the fish hold. The room houses, one GM Detroit Diesel 671 that powers the new (2018) titanium chiller/compressor and four electric fish pumps note: (engine also powers the vessels hydraulic system). The engine is 12 -v started, keel cooled with dry exhaust. RSW: “Refrigerated Sea Water” system has two ammonia chillers located aft of the fish holds.

Fish Pump System: A 3” centrifugal pump driven by chain/shaft to the Detroit Diesel 671keel cooled with dry exhaust (SEE RECS). A14” wide x 45’ hose is used to flush fish out of net to the dewatering box to the chute for the fish separator and into another chute for the fish hold. There is a overboard separator chute is used to discharge excess water Note:


Single Detroit Diesel 16v 149 which generates1000 hp @ 1550 rpm . The engine is air started with and keel -cooled. The vessel is also configured with a Key Power bow thruster.

Drive Gear: Twin Disc MG540 with a 5.6:1 reduction gear, 6.5” diameter steel drive shafts in 1 section.

Exhaust Systems : Vessel is equipped with enclosed sea stacks which have a box structure with intake vents that run up the side walls and centerline channel of the aft super structure compartment. All exhaust lines wraps and enclosures appear to be in satisfactory condition (SEE RECS). Fuel Systems: Diesel driven machinery pieces are fitted out with full complements of Racor filters and fuel/water separators. Fuel line arrangements attachments and securements appear to be in satisfactory condition with no discrepancies noted. Sea Chests: Arrangement and condition - satisfactory.


Vessel has one 100kw Detroit Diesel 671 generator and one 35kw Detroit Diesel 371 to provide power to general ship’s services, processing and refrigeration machinery etc. Both generators have exhaust lines that share the enclosures and stacks with the main engines. Distribution Panel : Vessel is provided with a 12 DC and a 120/220 volt electrical system in addition a Squqrte D 3 Phase Transformer. One 12 volt breaker panel installed in the wheelhouse and breaker panels in the engine room. Battery Installations: Four independent 12 volt batteries, one to start each generator, one for fish pump engine (SEE RECS) and one for the compressor engines. One 12 volt battery bank in pilothouse. Battery Chargers: Two 12 volt 40 Amp battery chargers installed. Controls : Primary controls are located in the machinery spaces.

PILOTING AND NAVIGATION Helm Stations: The vessel  has two helm stations; both are located in the wheelhouse. The main helm station is forward facing the bow with alarms (SEE RECS), throttles, helm wheel, compass and engine gauges. Both helm controls have air controlled throttles, Comnav jog/steering controls and rudder angle indicators. The second helm station is outside on the port side of the wheel house, which is primarily used for running the vessels work deck activities while fishing. Both helm stations have a good overall range of visibility. Wheelhouse is also equipped with a full complement of integrated engine controls, machinery controls and high water alarm panels. Nav/Com /Electronics: Complement seen on board at the time of survey included - • Standard vhf • Icom IC-M412 vhf • Icom hailer w. coms • Simrad auto pilot AP 35 • Simrad R135 rudder angle indicator • Wood Freeman 500 auto pilot (not in use) • Galaxy DX 959 cb radio • Cobra 25 LTDcb radio FILE 18-030517 SURVEY Page 4 of 9 • Furuno FVC 667 color sounder • Garmin 3210 GPS chart plotter ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY Anchoring: Hydraulic winch anchor set up for deployment from bow with a 400lbs Danforth anchor and 150’ of 178/16” ss cable. Hydraulics:Fishing equipment hydraulics driven by main Engine. Steering hydraulics powered by 2 independent electric motors. Compressed Air: 2 Compressed air systems on board in engine room to start the engine. A compressed air system is in the compartment#5 for all ship/house uses. Bilge Pumps: Bilge pump manifold system with suitably marked valve manifold in engine room and two in-line electric pumps. Firefighting: Full complement of fully charged Type II Portable Extinguishers installed in cabin and machinery spaces – satisfactory (SEE RECS). Other: Pilothouse fitted out with full complement of engine and high water alarms for vessel. Oxy-acetylene torch is stowed inside work deck storage locker with ventilation vents. SEINE VESSELS (Not onboard vessel or surveyed at the time of this survey)

CREW ACCOMMODATIONS Berths/Heads: Captains 2-bunk berth, Engineers 2-bunk berth, 1st Mates 2-bunk berth and shower/wash basin/head all on the upper deck (SEE RECS). Crews 4 -bunk berth, Crews 8-bunk berth and wash basin, head, showers all located on the main deck. Galley/Dining: The vessel’s main cabin has a fully equipped and outfitted galley with dinette for a 14- man crew that also serves as an entertainment area. Other Spaces: Compartment#2 house 2 electric steering pump engines, anchor winch engine and water filter system. Heat / AC: The vessel’s cabin and wheelhouse has a 2 separate central heating and air conditioning systems


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