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Ellicott 16-Inch Dredge For Sale

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Ad Number: 728
Length: Total Length: 60'
Beam: 15'
Light Draft / Max Draft /Light Ship Weight/: 4'5"
Propulsion/ Props/: Detroit Diesel 16V-92 diesel engine: Rated power: 1250 bhp @ 2100 rpm
Overstock Price: POR
Boat Location: SE Coast USA

Additional Items Available:

HDPE dredge pipe 18,500’ $17.00 per foot, flanges sold separately all bundled ready to ship SE USA

Our yard also has anchors, floating hoses, pipe floats etc…


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This 16-Inch Ellicott Dragon model dredge for sale excusively with Workboats-USA, is a standard duty dredging machine, designed and built for a wide range of applications. The heavy-duty dredge pump is powered by a diesel engine driving through a versatile V-belt drive with manual disconnect clutch. The short-shaft underwater hydraulic cutter drive, designed and first installed by DMC almost thirty-five years ago, assures efficient excavation of the material to be dredged, and its uniform flow into the dredge pump. Modern pranetary drive hydraulic winches provide effective swing operation and control, as well as ladder hoist. The two spuds are raised and lowered by two double-acting hydraulic cylinders. A 24-volt DC electric system provides power for starting the diesel engine, for standby lighting, and for automatic bilge pump operation.


Main Hull Center Section


x 10'

x 4.5'

Hull Side Pontoons (2 each)


x 6'

x 5'

Ladder Length




Spuds (2 each)




Total Assembled (excl ladder)


x 22'

x 5'


(Used, excellent condition)

The main dredge pump js a Georgia Iron Works 18x16 Series LSA42 heavy-duty dredge pump (or equivalent):

Suction diameter

18 in

Discharge diameter

16 in

Impeller diameter


The dredge pump and auxiliary machinery are powered by a GM model 16V-92 diesel engine:

                            Rated power            1250 bhp @ 2100 rpm

                             Starter    24-volt DC

                         Cooling system          Heat exchanger cooling


There are two individual planetary drive hydraulic winches for swing hauling, and a third for ladder hoisting. The spuds are raised and lowered by double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

Swing & ladder winches Pullmaster Model M-12 (or equal) Spuds (2 each) Cross hydraulic cylinders


The dredging ladder is fabricated from formed heavy structurat steel. The suction pipe is mounted internaliy to eliminate dragging in shallow dredging depths.

The DNC 'Hydra-Drive' Cutterhead System consists of a planetary drive reduction gear with Caterpillar Duo-Cone Seal, and a Commercial Shearing gear-type hydraulic motor. The alloy steel shaft turns in an oil-filled bearing housing with anti-friction bearings. Positive internal pressure prevents any possible leakage of water into the sealed housing. The cutterhead is designed and built by DMC.

Cutterhead diameter

43 inch ID backring

Cutterhead configuration

6-blade, replaceable edges

Cutterhead power

100 hp (nominal rating) @ 36 rpm



There are two individual planetary drive hydraulic winches for swing hauling, and a third for ladder hoisting. The spuds are raised and lowered by double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

Swing & ladder winches Pullmaster Model M-12 (or equal) Spuds (2 each) Cross hydraulic cylinders

The main hull section is a heavy welded steel 'box", housing all of the main machinery with the exception of the cutter system. This section measure 35* x 10' x 4.5'. Heavy transverse and lateral framing assures adequate strength for each intended purpose. Heavy plate, bottom, sides and ends is reinforced in areas of high stress.


The two hull side pontoons are rectangular reinforced steel pontoons that are removed for transporting the dredge over the road. They are easily and quickly removed by         and can be reinstalled at the dredging site in a matter of hours. The pontoons are compartmentalized, with access to each compartment by quick opening, watertight. flush hatches.


The control room, or "lever room", is modern and spacious, All operating controls are conveniently placed for one-man fingertip control of all dredging functions, There is 360 degree visibility. The engine room, or "deckhouse" is a totally enclosed structure with removable hatches over the main machinery. Locking doors and louvered side panels provide adequate security and good ventilation.


The DMC Hydraulic System is a carefully engineered and time proven system designed for ease of operation and maintenance. "Simplicity r is the central point in the design of this very mportant component of the dredging machine. Commercial Shearing "gear-type" hydraulic pumps and motors are employed throughout along with oniy the highest quality valves, fittings, hose, piping and other components.




The hull, ladder, deckhouse and control cabin shall be thoroughly prepared both intemally and externally to commercial grade (SSPC SP-6) prior to painting. The hull shall be given one coat of Carbomastic 15 or equal, interior and exterior, followed by a finish coat of Carboline DB90 or equal on the exterior.

Fuel compartments received one coat of fuel oil resistant Elastomer coating,

All other surfaces will receive a primer coat of Cartomastic 15 or equal and a finish coat of Carbcline B890 or equal.


  • Deck edge safety railing

 Coast Guard approved life vests (3 each)

  • Coast Guard approved life rings (2 each) - A.B.C. approved fire extinguishers (2 each)
  • Automatic bilge pump system (24-VDC)
  • Safety-tread walkways on ladder and in engine room

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